Saturday, July 18, 2015

Small Quilt Finish

I have decided to try and machine quilt and bind my way through the stack of UFOs that I have.  My larger quilt tops are hanging over hangers in the closet, but the smaller quilts and table toppers are stacked on a footstool.  They kind of drew my attention when they toppled over and onto the floor.  So I guess it's time to work on some of them.

This is one of 12 little quilts made with the flower of the month fabric by Northcott.  I shudder to think just how many years ago that was that I picked up a pattern and fabric each month to make these simple designs.  I still have one or two left to quilt.  (I just googled it.  It was 2007.  Here is a link to see some of the fabrics and little quilts )

I am saving these to practice my machine quilting before moving on to things that I've spent more time on.  I enjoy watching the Leah Day and Angela Walters videos to try their machine quilting methods.  This quilt will likely end up on the floor in front of my fireplace.  If you see a photo, there is a rectangle of ceramic tile in front of the fireplace.  Tiki, our cat likes to lay there, and he really enjoys a quilt to lay on.

We have a heat advisory here today, so I'm going to sit down and stitch some hexagons.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today, too!

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  1. Picking a small quilt to finish and practice quilting at the same time is doubly virtuous. Enjoy! Sounds like the cat will be enjoying it very soon.

  2. My first quilting project was a small quilt. I practiced on baby quilts. I mainly quilt using a loose free motion meander.

  3. That is such a pretty quilt, its such a good feeling to have a finish isn't it. Happy Quilting.

  4. Congrats! on your completed quilt. It's SEW pretty!

  5. Good luck finishing up your quilts. I have been trying to do the same they seem to multiply

  6. Love your little topper. It always feels good to give the small things done. Have fun with hexagons.

  7. I just quilted a few small items before I tackled a bigger project that I didn't want to ruin! I'm gaining some confidence with my quilting skills, but still have a loooonnnnggg.. way to go! Keep up the good work in making the pile smaller.

  8. I can so relate to this, LuAnn. My big tops are over hangers in the sewing room closet and my small tops get shuffled around from here to there. I just decided last week that I need to start quilting them and gain confidence for the big stuff. : )


  9. Things have toppled over in the closet in my sewing room but I have yet to pull it all out and clean and purge. Just too much in there. I am on a big purge throughout the house, so lots of unused items being donated.


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