Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Timing is Everything I Guess

This post isn't quilt related or even craft related, but I went into Hobby Lobby yesterday to look around.   I love their store.  There are a lot of one of a kind items plus a lot of craft supplies.  This is what I saw.  I could hardly believe it, so I snapped a few photos with my phone.

Notice the pumpkins next to the Christmas trees.  Yesterday was July 21!

It looks like they had just finished stocking the shelves.  I guess this is truly one stop shopping.  You can get your Halloween and Christmas decorations all at once, and be ready for both way ahead of time.

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  1. We were there last week and noticed they had started the holiday aisles already. Must be first in line to get those shoppers.

  2. I guess they are taking "Christmas in July" seriously LOL

  3. Oh my - a bit of a rush for me - I would like to enjoy summer a few more months! Like until Next March....

  4. I was in a week or two ago and they had Halloween out and were just starting to break out the Christmas.
    Once I heard a shop owner explain that people actually start looking for Christmas stuff in July--for "Christmas in July" events and to start Christmas crafting, sending packages overseas, etc. But it is still a little soon for me. : )

  5. I was in there the other day and saw the same thing!! I can't STAND it when holiday stuff is out 6 MONTHS before the holiday!! Not anywhere near ready for that!

  6. Please tell me they weren't already playing Christmas carols over the PA system!

  7. Same thin going on here . The worst thing to me is when I do get in the Christmas mood there won't be anything left to buy..

  8. Ugh! I wish there were laws stating you can not have decorations out for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving!

  9. My family and I stopped exchanging Christmas gifts many years ago ... we made the decision the first time we walked into a department store before Halloween and saw Christmas decorations on display. It was just such a turn-off.


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