Wednesday, August 26, 2015

State Fair Quilt Display

We took my grandson to the fair last week to see the sights.  While we were there we sampled some of the fair food and rode the tractor shuttle a few times.  He also got to ride on a real pony.  

I stopped off awhile to take a look at the quilts.  I asked the ladies at the desk for the names of the entrants, but they no longer provide a list.  So here are the quilts that I saw.  Most of them are behind glass, so the photos aren't great.

In most cases, the quilts are folded so only a small portion of them is visible.

This Sunbonnet Sue was very well done.

The cathedral window quilt won second place.  

The baby quilt in this case was hand embroidered.  

I really like this medallion quilt.

This quilt has some of the license plates that were given out during the Row by Row Experience.

This quilt won for hand quilting.  The photo does not do it justice.

This one was hand quilted as well.

Farmer's wife quilt (I think).

Beautiful applique.  

I believe this quilt was the only hexagon quilt.  

I've noticed more and more hexagon quilts are quilted like the one below:  pebbles in the center with a feather quilted around the hexagon rows followed by pebbles in the path between the hexagons.  I think this would be faster than quilting each individual hexagon.  

I thought it was interesting how this quilt used the quarter Dresden plates.  

This was an oil painting that won a 4th place ribbon.  I couldn't stop looking at it.  That lion looked so realistic.

I should have taken more photos of the fair.  I hadn't been there for over 10 years.  There was a lot to see, and I when it was time to leave I realized my camera had been in my purse almost the entire time.

I've been working on some projects that I've committed to for a couple of functions and others that are on my list of UFOs.  I'll have more to show you next time.   

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

I hope you are finding some time to do some stitching today.  


  1. Very pretty quilts at your state fair. At least behind the glass, they will stay clean from dust and from people touching. The yellow and white pickle dish (?) quilt is very nice and looks labor intensive. It's so fun to go to a fair with a 'lil one. Thanks for sharing quilt photos.

  2. At first I thought you were at the Minnesota State Fair, because the quilts are displayed there exactly the same way! I haven't been to our fair for years either ( it starts tomorrow) --I may have to talk to hubby about going--it would be fun to see if they still display the quilts in cases. I imagine it's probably the safest way, but it's too bad they have to be folded up!

  3. I haven't been to our state fair for a long time, either. A beautiful variety of quilts.
    And that lion painting is incredible!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! It's too bad they're not more visible, but I guess it's necessary to keep them clean and safe. I don't think I've ever been to a State fair!

  5. I haven't been to either the County or State fair in such a long time. On the one hand, how disappointing that the quilts were behind glass and only partly visible ... on the other hand, at least they stayed clean and safe from viewers' hands.

  6. Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures.
    AND thanks for the knitting information.
    Have a great weekend enjoying the fantastic weather.

  7. There were a LOT of amazing quilts at the Fair!
    So much talent in your area - Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts!

  8. Thank you for the little quilt show. It is always nice to see quilts on display - they look so different when they are hung.

  9. My there were some very pretty quilts. Thank you for sharing

  10. I don't think I have ever seen so many quilts behind glass before - they really do not want people to touch them and keep them safe! it has been awhile since I stopped by to visit - I lost several blog addresses some time back when I was "fixing" things on my reader I have got you back on my reader now.

  11. Beautiful quilts, the yellow and white is phenomenal. I can only imagine it up close, I don't think I would ever tire looking at it<3


  12. Very nice display of quilts! Thanks for sharing!


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