Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lebanon, Ohio, Quilt Show

I had a great time visiting Michele.  We really crammed a lot into the five days that I was there.  After I drove to Kentucky and unloaded my car at Michele's house, she, Barb and I went to a nice quilt show at Lebanon, Ohio.  One of the first vendor booths had these pieced hexagons.   These blocks are from Katja Marek's book, The New Hexagon.  

This star quilt was just striking.  The quilt was for sale along with other great quilts at a booth just inside the entrance.  The quilts were reasonably priced, but being quilters, we wanted a pattern.  Sadly, there were none.

Here is another photo from that same booth.  I would have loved to see this quilt unfolded because as you can see by how the colors are placed in the blocks, the yellow forms a pinwheel.  

This quilt was in another vendor booth.  I love how the hourglass blocks have a subtle color variation that frames those nine patches.

This star quilt was one of those on display.  It is called momo's star quilt.  

I love this quilt with various feathered stars all done in black and white.

This is a one block wonder.  One day I want to make one of these.  I know this could be pieced by traditional methods, but I would be tempted to do it using English Paper Piecing.  

If you look at this quilt one way you see rows of stars.  Another way you see squares surrounded by a square in a square block.  It could be constructed either way.  

Just look at these hexagon baskets.  This quilt has lots of white hexagons for the background.  This was one of my favorites.  

I am such a tourist!  Each time we drove over the Ohio river, I took out my phone and took a photo of the river and/or Cincinnati.  We were back and forth a lot during my stay.  More in my next post.  

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. Great pictures LuAnn. Love the blue stars quilt (second picture) and the b/w stars. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  3. Oh, I especially love the black and white quilt with the snowflakes, or feathered stars, or whatever they are. So Striking!

  4. The Momos Star quilt is so nice, thanks for posting the photos

  5. These pictures are great...really makes me wish I had been able to go, too. That log cabin with the pinwheel looks wonderful!

  6. Such fun to see all these inspiring and beautiful quilts!
    Thank you for sharing your trip to the show with us.

  7. I was very interested to see the Momos star quilt. I came across this some time back when I was wondering about QAYG and pot holder quilts. As I understand it, the Momo's blocks are made one at a time, with the backing folded to the front, then assembled to form the quilt.
    Thankyou for sharing!

  8. Lovely quilts! Glad you had a great getaway and hoping the grand baby is growing like a weed! (an old saying!) Thx for sharing

  9. You sure have been busy! Travel, family, quilt show and a new grandson! Congratulations!!


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