Thursday, June 2, 2016

Purchases in Paducah and Beyond

Here are some of the things I've bought during my travels the past couple of months.  I think most everybody wants to look at "the haul".  As quilters, you probably totally understand this first photo.  Why would someone buy carrot nose buttons?  Well, because they were there.  And you never know when you might make a snowman, and he just might need a nose.  

I bought these fabrics just because they were bright and happy.  I've already started a project with them that I'll share in a later post.

I love Aurifil thread.  I use it for hand piecing my English Paper Piecing projects, machine piecing, and I have lots of different colors that I use for machine quilting.  I like it for hand work, and my Bernina likes it and behaves very well with this thread!   These came from the Primitive Gatherings booth in the Finkel building.  

Here is a bit of what I bought in the mountains at a shop called Mountain Stitches by Susan.  I had been looking for a fat quarter pack of the checked fabric and more dots to add to my stash.  Her shop is in Gatlinburg, TN, and is part of the Smoky Mountains Arts and Crafts Community.  There are 8 miles of all kinds of little shops with many different crafts.  It's an area I love to visit.  

Here is my collection of snowman patterns I picked up in my travels.  I do a lot of decorating for Christmas, and after all of that is put away I feel like the house looks bare.  So I thought I'd decorate in January with some snowmen.  I had better get busy.  It's June already.  I will need these in 7 more months!  I don't know if I really see anybody in those photos that needs a carrot nose either..........

I picked these up in the Finkel Building in Paducah in a small booth in the back.  I love Crab Apple Hill patterns.  I took an embroidery class at Back Door quilts a month or so ago.   Most of the stitches covered in the class were basic things.  But, the thing about the class that had me really fired up was using crayons to tint your piece before you embroider the lines.  I traced a part of a pumpkin on a scrap of fabric, colored it, and I haven't touched it since then.  It would be nice if these projects happened before this Halloween............

I'm in the process of cleaning my sewing room, and if I find anything else I'll be sure to post it.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. Love your bright and happy fabrics. Can't wait to see what you are making with them. Love the snowmen too. Great buys. ;^)

  2. I love your haul! I think I would have bought those carrot noses too. Well shopped!

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  4. I love the carrot nose buttons! Have several projects that could have used them and would have been much more fun than the satin stitch I had to use instead. How funny that none of the snowman patterns you picked up in your travels needs a button nose. : )

  5. Just love all the new goodies you picked up on your travels!
    I love Crab Apple Hill Patterns, hope you get them finished for this Halloween.

  6. I want carrot noses!!! Great purchase. Your fabrics look very happy, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your snowmen. Get started!!

  7. You've got a great variety of things to work on and enjoy.

  8. Sometimes a girl just needs carrot noses - you never know when occasion will present itself:-). Very fun fabrics - they say Happy Times. Oh dear - my Crabapple Hill Pumpkin pattern (same as yours) is at the same stage - a little tinting done and that's it. How many more months to Halloween?


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