Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Double Hexagos and Dresdens

Hi Everyone

You are probably tired of coming to my blog and seeing hexagons.   Honestly, I'm running out of titles to use on my blog.  I never tire of looking at hexagon blocks or quilts with hexagons.   I seem to always have a hexagon project of some kind on the go all the tine.

These double hexagons below are part of a plan that I have for a quilt.  I think once I have enough hexagons (right now I'm not sure what that number is), I plan to add a plain border that is off white and then do some broderie perse.  Right now I'm planning to do the border applique' on opposite corners of the quilt.  

  Some of these hexagons are left over from my Road 66 quilt (pattern in Di Ford's Primarily Quilts first book).   I cut 6 hexagons at a time - usually fussy cut - and put them in a tote for later.  I have a good sized stash of basted hexagons.  

Here is my finished Road 66 quilt.  

I love doing these double hexagons.  Each one is a surprise.  

I think this is my favorite with the Di Ford and Jo Morton fabrics.

I also like using stripes.  

This is my 1797 Revisited quilt so far.  I posted about it in this post.    And, like I wrote in the post, I think I'll continue with this smaller size.  

I'm also chain stitching some Dresdens.   These are cut at 3 1/2".  More on those later.  

For those of you here in the US, this is a Public Service Announcement.  Have you renewed your driver's license lately?   In order to be cleared to fly or enter some federal agencies, you have to have a Real ID driver's license with a special symbol.  This goes into effect in October 2020 for all states so there's time.....Well maybe not.  You have to prove who you are.   The males have a pretty easy time of it. They have the name that they were born with (hopefully), so all they need is their birth certificate and social security card plus 2 documents that prove residency.  And those residency documents have to have a date that is 60 days or less.  A passport will cover some of this if you have one.

So that all sounds pretty simple, right?   Well, not really.  For females that are married, and/or divorced, you have to have your marriage license and/or a divorce decree.  The marriage license has to be one that has the embossed seal.  

Ask me how I know this...…..

I've been there 4 times, and today I finally had it all right and will have my new license mailed to me.  My first trip I had my birth certificate and social security card.  My birth certificate didn't match my married name.  I should have known that.   Trip #2 I had my marriage license, but it wasn't the embossed copy.  So I made the trek downtown to get that.  That was enough for that day.  Trip #3 I had my birth certificate, social security card, and embossed marriage license, but all of my documents (including my old license) have LuAnn all together as one word.  I guess technically Ann is my middle name, but everybody calls me LuAnn.  That time they just told me everything didn't match.   So today I went back to a different branch (with current documents that provide residency), and I made it.  I was beginning to panic because my birthday is at the end of this month, and my license would have expired.  

This is probably more than you wanted to know.  Some states have probably already gone through this.  But if you show up at the license branch and aren't aware of this, that is just the first trip.  And, you have to keep getting documents and going back until you get it right.  

OK.  Now back to stitching.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

I hope that you are finding some time to stitch today.  


  1. Your "blooming hexagons" are drop-dead gorgeous. I have always thought you are a master of the fussy-cut! I almost expect to be able to twist the barrel of the kaleidoscope and watch those beautiful images shift and change.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the license. Haven't been through that, so it is good to know.

  2. I had not heard anything about the new driver's license for flying I rarely fly but should be prepared of course - thanks for mentioning this - mine was issued last year and no mention was made of this and mine is good for 8 years! now I have to do it all over again.
    love all your hexagons - I never tire of them.

  3. Lucky me!! I renewed mine in October and it has the star.

  4. I though I was set when got mine in September, but now we (in California) are being told they're no good due to a paperwork glitch. I'm now applying to renew my long defunct passport.

    Your hexies are beautiful!

  5. You are so good at fussy cutting the hexies, just beautiful!!! I already renewed my license last year. I went in months earlier than necessary just in case there were any problems but fortunately I nailed everything right the first time. I think the clerk was so happy she could have hugged me! I'm sure she's been chewed out many times already. I don't mind seeing hexies each post, that's what you do. When people view my blog, they see a lot of hand quilting on the same quilt. Have a great week!

  6. Love your fussy-cut hexies!

  7. Oh my goodness! I can't get over how lovely your hexies are--wonderful!!!

  8. I never get tired of looking at your gorgeous fussy cut hexagons!!!!

  9. Thank you LuAnn for the FYI - have been following this here in Wisconsin as I have a European flight later this year. And No! Absolutely never get tired of seeing your work with hexies...I always think of your beauties first. That pink/brown Di and Jo combo is top notch! Love the Road 66 too.


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