Sunday, April 4, 2010

Asking You A Favor

I'd like to ask a favor of all of my readers. Every year, runs the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest (ABNA). My son, Jason Krug, has a young adult novel -- "The Coming of the Heroes" -- He has been working on it for the better part of eight or nine years and submitted it to the contest back in January. From an initial pool of 5,000 young adult entries, his novel is now one of the top 250. I'm inviting anyone and everyone to check out his excerpt (the prologue and first chapter) and, if the mood takes you, to rate it and leave a review. The more reviews he can get, the better the novel will look overall, which is always a good thing. So, how do you rate it, you ask? Simple...

1. Click this link that will take you to a PDF file of the excerpt. There is also a link on the amazon page to download the book to your Kindle, PC, MAC, iPhone or Blackberry. The excerpt is FREE, but you have to click the Buy It Now button to be able to download it.

2. After you've read the excerpt (the prologue and the first chapter), go to this link on Amazon and scroll down the page to where it says "Create your own review" on the right hand side to rate and review the excerpt. This won't help him through to the next level of the contest, but if he progresses far enough, these reviews will effect the hearts and minds of people who could potentially move him on even further.

Thank you in advance. Hope you are all having a Happy Easter.

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