Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scrap Quilt and Granny Square Afghan

I've been working on these two projects, and like the title of my blog says there are lots of loose threads to be sewn before I finish.


I have a few blocks of this quilt sewn together.  The pattern for the quilt is in Edyta Sitar's book Friendship Strips & Scraps available at

I'm glad that I took photos of these blocks because I can see a couple of places where I have two of the same fabric sewn together.

I trim each block to 3 1/2 inches to finish at 3 inches.  There are 624 blocks total in the quilt.

I don't usually do a "random scrappy" quilt.  I normally choose a few colors and then use scraps in those colors.  This one is going to be truly random from my scraps.

This crocheted granny square afghan is what I work on in the evenings.  I have tried to choose colors that are used in Cath Kidston fabrics and accessories.

I have four rows put together so far.  This afghan will be 9 squares by 12 squares...so 108 squares total.

This is what I have left to sew together.  Each time you use a color in a granny square there are 2 loose ends to be sewn in.  I have used 6 colors in each square so there are 12 ends to be sewn in.  In all 108 squares there will be 1,296 threads to weave in, and that doesn't include the yarn that is used to sew the squares and rows together.

I hope to be able to show you one or maybe both of these projects finished soon.

I hope you are finding some time to do some stitching today!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Dear LuAnn,
    it's a wonderful scrap quilt. I hope you've enough scraps!!!
    The colors of the granny square afghan are great. You are so busy.
    Yesterday I've started a birthday quilt for my friend with simple starblocks. I hope to have more time when I'll be retired on July, 11st.
    Many thanks to you daughter-in-law for her letter.
    Have a nice week and take care

  2. I LOVE both these projects. The scrappy quilt is truly that and I adore it! I wouldn't worry about same squares sewn together. It won't be detectable in the finished quilt. I've noticed lately that I'm drawn to quilts, and now an afghan, where light blue has been used as the background. I need to remember that. Thanks!

  3. Love all the colors in both projects...they will be well worth all the loose ends!

  4. Two fabulous projects! I love your scrappy blocks!

  5. Both projects are great! I'm going to check out that link and consider using up my scraps. Thanks.

  6. Two very pretty projects, with a scrap quilt and all the cutting required for that and all those yarns I imagine you do have a few loose threads :)

  7. That really sounds like a lot of loose ends. Hope you can finish soon!

  8. It`s a fabulous scrap quilt and granny square!!

  9. OMYGOODNESS!!! And here I thought I was the only "crazee" quilter out there..:_)))!
    I am making little bowtie blocks that use 1.5" little squares for the Tie parts and I guess I'll need a "Gazillion" to make a twin size quilt!! I don't count anymore...DH thinks I have lost it!! I always wanted to learn to crochet--your grannies are so pretty!! Love that light turquoise color....have a great week Julierose

  10. What you've got going there looks good to me; I love to sew with abandon at times. Always loved the granny square afghans. Great projects!

  11. Your scrap quilt is fabulous!!

  12. Ooooh your scrap quilt is full of scrappy lusciousness---I adore the colors that you have in it. And your granny squares afghan is delightful. :)

  13. Love the colors in your Grannies. Especially the connecting color. So pretty.
    Your scrap blocks are wonderful!

  14. Wonderful scrap quilt and I love your granny...
    Best wishes.

  15. Your quilt makes my scrappy happy heart sing! I love it. And your afghan is gorgeous.

  16. Love the scrappy quilt LuAnn and the afghan is beautiful!

  17. Wonderful scrappiness, LuAnn. I love random scrap quilts, but I don't make them much, either. I start trying to plan the layout too much and I have to give up.
    That is a lot of loose threads to hid. I remember that from the one Granny Squares afghan I have made.

  18. Oh random scrappy is always fun! What fun you are having is evident!

    I LOVE your granny squares too!

  19. Your scrap quilt is going to be beautiful! And I love the colors you used for your afghan! It's just lovely! :0)

  20. Your scrappy quilt is just up my alley, I love it! I can't believe the squares are so small, but you have chosen some happy colors that really sparkle ~

  21. Hi! LuAnn,I love your quilt,624 blocks WOW! They are lovely.
    The Afghan is very pretty the colours are beautiful.I can't crochet wish I could, its a lovely project.Look foreward to you showing them finished.

  22. hey, LuAnn. Your afghan looks like it's coming along wonderfully. As I work on mine, I try to cut down on the tuck in ends by crocheting over the old end and the new end as I add the new round. Granted, you have to be aware and sometimes I'm not, but I don't have so many sew ins!
    I'll have to take a picture of mine, but I don't have nearly as many as you do.

  23. I used to love crocheting so much, but it's been years since I've done it. A couple granny square projects were my favorites, but yours is much prettier than mine ever were.

    And your pieced project is going to be spectacular. Those blocks are simple--and smaller than I expected--and it's really going to be an outstanding Q when it's done.
    Well done on both!

  24. Both are very nice and a lot of work!!! It is fun to have a travel project that grows, isn't it!!!
    I really like the scrappy quilt pattern too...thanks for sharing with us your readers.

  25. It looks like you are off to a great start with the quilt. 624 tiny blocks should make a little bit of a dent in your stash.
    I love the blue yarn you are using with your granny afghan. It really softens the mix of colors. I'm sure all of those loose thread you have to sew in will be worth it in the end.

  26. LuAnn fantasticos trabajos como siempre. Saludos


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