Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Front Porch Decorating

Now that Halloween is over, I am still going to leave my fall decorations up until the Christmas lights go up the day after Thanksgiving.  Here is what you will see when you come to my door.

My front door decoration is a swag of leaves.  I'd love to put a wreath on the door, but it has to be something skinny so it will fit between the inside door and the storm door.

In this photo, I've taken the leaves down from each side of the door.  After they blew down for the third time, I just left them down.  Now they are hanging in the garage on the treadmill (at least it is getting some use).  

I really like the entry on the front cover of the October issue of Southern Living magazine, and there is a photo of a pumpkin topiary inside.

I wasn't sure exactly how to make a topiary, but this is what I did.


I filled the pot with dirt and put a dowel rod deep into the pot.  (OK.  My husband put the dirt in the pot and cut the dowel rod to size for me.)

I found 3 faux pumpkins that were small, medium and large.   You could use real pumpkins, too.

I bought these leaf garlands.  By the time I got this idea, they were 50% off.  

I put holes all the way through the bottom 2 pumpkins and part way through the top one.   Using floral wire I shaped the leaf garland into a circle to fit underneath the pumpkins.  Then I just stacked it all on the dowel rod.  

I love how this turned out.  After I took this photo I took some of the leaves off so that the pumpkins aren't as covered and you can see them better.  

I love fall and the chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage, pumpkins, gourds and the leaves that have fallen.  I was lucky enough to find one mum in a bushel basket and another in a plastic cauldron.

If you have the supplies, the pumpkin topiary is easy to make.

This was part of our back yard about ten days ago.  Even though we are far inland, we had lots of wind, rain and sleet from hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast, and most of the leaves on these trees have fallen.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. Beautiful seasonal theme to greet your guests, LuAnn. Clever topiary--so cute.
    I love when you show your yard--it is so beautiful!

  2. Looks totally fabulous!!

  3. Beautiful decorations, LuAnn! Better than the magazine!

  4. I like the stack of pumpkins a lot, thanks for sharing how you made it.

  5. Hello LuAnn
    Your front porch is beautiful, I LOVE your pumpkin topiary, you did a great job.

  6. A wonderful decoration of your front porch. I love the pumpkins too. I'm very interesting in your christmas decoration. Glad to hear that Sandy wasn't in your region and you're all right.
    Have a nice sunday in your sewing room and take care

  7. The stacked pumpkins are really cool! I noticed on the you might also like: that you have the napkin, "Dear Santa I can explain". I picked one up too about a year ago at the coffee counter next to Jo Jo's. It is proudly displayed in my sewing space. ;-)

  8. Beautiful display.....very inviting! And thanks for the 'how-to' on the pumpkin topiary.....I'm going to try that!

  9. Nice to see how you decorate for fall, LuAnn. The topiary is a great idea.

  10. Such an inviting front porch! Thanks for showing what you did for the pumpkin topiary. It's beautiful.
    The hurricane took down lots of leaves here in Virginia, too, but we weren't having much of a display anyway.

  11. What fabulous front door dressing. I'm gonna have you over to do mine. lol. This is a wonderful greeting for guests who drop by.
    Love the pumpkin topiary. Thanks for the how-2's.

  12. what a super fabulous job of your front porch x

  13. It looks so pretty and very inviting!

  14. Leanne... your pumkin topiary is stunning! The colours are rich and fabulous... perfect for the season. Autumn is my favourite.

  15. Lovely decor!! So inviting!!


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