Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scandinavian Hearts in Quiltmania

I use my Scandinavian Christmas Hearts Table cover at Christmas and at Valentine's, too.  I purposely used red and white fabrics that weren't Christmas fabrics so I could use it for both.

I love the red and white.

The first thing I did when making this was to start doing the red work hearts.  The hearts were supposed to be set on point, and I mistakenly embroidered the first heart as a square block.

  So I made this little  table mat from my mistake block.

I found this Quiltmania magazine at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised to find this pattern in the magazine.

Here is the pattern complete with all the red work designs by Wenche Wolff  Hatling for Northern Quilts.

The magazine also has this pattern by Petra Prins.  I love this medallion quilt.

There also is this beautiful red and white applique' by Gerri Robinson.

And this Wool Tulip Crossing pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  If you are not into wool, this pattern could just as easily be made with cotton fabrics.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Very beautiful LuAnn!! Enjoyed my visit here!!

  2. Happy Valentines day to you too :-)

  3. Your table cover is beautiful and does double duty very well.
    That magazine looks like it has a bunch of good patterns, and as I am in the process of felting and dying wool this evening, Lisa's pattern looks very tempting to me. : )

  4. I loved this table cloth when I saw it before. Your embroidery is so pretty!

    I do envy the lovely magazines you girls get to buy. Nothing as interesting here in England. I am in love with the Country manor quilt, I am longing to make a medallion quilt, it will be my first one.

  5. Happy Valentines day to you too. I love the Scandinavian Christmas Hearts very much. I did the same mistake,I made a pillow from my mistake block. The magazine looks great.
    Have a nice day and take care

  6. Love your pretty table topper! Being a Scandinavian, it would would look lovely in our home. Thanks for the heads up for quiltmania magazine.

  7. What a beautiful quilted table cover. You were smart to make it do double duty! I was just in barnes and noble the other day looking for Quiltmania - nada! I'm ready to subscribe through amazon.

  8. Beautiful Red & White quilt and table topper! Love the added embroidery. Such a great idea to use these for 2 holiday seasons!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Your tablecover is beautiful and your mistake is wonderful too! I like two for one things and this one's great!

  10. LuAnn your table cover is awesome!! It is so beautiful if it were mine I'd never want to put it away. The table mat you made with your 'mistake' is stunning too. Can I ask a question... I don't suppose you can stop me ;o) Do you put batting into a table cover? Call me stupid but I just can't decide. Hugs.....

  11. It looks so pretty on your table! How fun to find the pattern in Quiltmania. Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, LuAnn! Love all the eye candy in this post especially the Scandenavian Hearts. Thank you for all the info about the magazine... looks like a good one to go get!

  13. Very pretty quilt. Thanks for the comment on the magazine I haven't been out to see it yet. The medallion quilt is very nice - will have to take a look at it.


  14. I love your red setting LuAnn - I hope you had a nice Valentine's. I have just received my copy of QuiltMania and also loved the projects you highlighted - I had wondered how similar the Sandinavian Christmas one was to those I had seen around! (and wanted to do!).

  15. Beautiful table! how clever to keep it non-holiday specific for more uses~
    Love QuiltMania magazine too.

  16. p.s.
    My husband is Danish and I love the hearts!

  17. Beautiful quilt for your table - love the redwork! Quiltmania always has stunning projects don't they? The red and ivory medallion is gorgeous. Anxiously awaiting the Di Ford quilt book that is being published by Quiltmania.

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