Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Make A Hanging Sleeve

This is a tutorial for the hanging sleeve that I put on the back of the Charming Christmas Present Wall Hanging that I showed you in this post.  Since it is getting close to time for quilt shows here, I thought I would share with you how I make a hanging sleeve.

Cut the sleeve fabric 9 inches wide by the width of the quilt. 

Turn the short edges of the sleeve under a quarter inch and press. 

Then turn under another quarter inch and top stitch.

With the wrong sides together sew 1/2" seam.  Press the seam open.  Notice how the seam is pressed in the center of the piece.  This will go next to the quilt and will be hidden.

Center the seam as shown in the photo above, and press.  Turn the sleeve over.  Now press a half inch fold upward in the bottom of the sleeve.

 Pin the sleeve along the top edge of the quilt about a half inch down from the top and hand sew along the long edge. 

Then sew the short end of the edge of the sleeve to the quilt as shown below; then sew the bottom of the edge to the quilt where you see the needle inserted as shown in the photo below (where you pressed the fold in the sleeve.  This leaves a gap in the sleeve so that the hanging rod can be inserted easily.  Continue sewing along the bottom edge and finish by sewing the other short edge of the sleeve.

 Insert rod and your quilt is ready for display. 

I'll put a link to this tutorial in my sidebar. 

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Great directions, LuAnn.
    Fun to see your version of Flurry again. : )

  2. Very handy, thank you LuAnn. Love your Christmas parcels!!

  3. great tutorial always fun to see how others do things

  4. You must have known that I have 3 projects in the sewing room just waiting for sleeves. Your 'tute' is just the push I need to get them done. Thanks.

  5. Good tutorial LuAnn. I just go to the thrift shop buy an old sheet and cut off the top part of the sheet , it has a hole in it and it is already sewn, then just attach it.Izzy

  6. Hi! LuAnn, thanks for the tutorial.
    I love your quilt with the gift boxes the fabrics are beautiful. It looks stunning where it is hanging.


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