Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Quilt Shop Stop: Bella Quilts

Here is another quilt shop that I stopped at on our way back from Tennessee.  This is Bella Quilts in Hamilton, Ohio.  They are working to put their fabrics on line so hopefully we will be able to go to and order from them soon.

Raven, the owner was kind enough to allow me to take photos for a blog post.  She also gave me a photocopy of a quilt using the Winterthur John Hewson panel, birds, and companion fabrics that I bought there.  She has an excellent selection of reproduction fabrics for those of us that like Civil War/reproduction fabrics.

I hope you can zoom in on the photos to get a look at the fabrics.  The first photo is just a random shot back into the shop.

Here are the repros.........  See the bolt that is at the right of the very first section?  That is the border used in the Ann Daggs quilt in Di Ford's new book Primarily Quilts.   On the bottom right shelf is the wavy red fabric from the Old Sturbridge Village Collection used in the skirt of the girl in the center of the Phebe quilt.  

And more repros......

And even more.....  There were some that I forgot to photograph.  In the bottom row just a bit to the left of center, the brown/red border print is the one used in the Rotherfield Grey quilt in Primarily Quilts.  

Can you tell that I really like this book?

The fabrics straight on are all batiks.  Over to the left below the window were Kansas Troubles.  

These were part of the sale fabrics.  I'm planning a day trip back to Ohio to spend more time at Bella Quilts and to stop at IKEA.


Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. WOW! Looks like a fabulous quilt shop--love all the repo's! Will have to start saving for a trip

  2. Well this just looks like a wonderful quilt shop! Thank you so much for sharing pics with is. I am heading to Ohio at the end of June and now I'm wondering where Hamilton is. I may just have to make sure it's a stop I make.

    I love the Di Ford book and am trying to decide which quilt to make. I can hardly put it down its so wonderful.

  3. Wow - looks like a fun shop! I don't have that book YET - I sure do have my eye on it, though!

  4. I have been to quilt shop, very nice staff. Hamilton is a suburb of Cincinnatti. Lots of shops in the the Cincy metro area!

  5. I am very jealous that you found all of these wonderful fabrics especially the Ann Dagg border fabric - I've been looking and looking... :-(

    I also see from your photographs some other fabrics I have been searching for - I can feel my credit card losing its grip in my purse and I look forward to seeing the shop on-line.


  6. Looks like a shop I could get lost in--and so would my money!! : )

  7. It´s a very nice Quiltshop and so big. Thankyou for sharing. Here are not much Quiltshops ...

  8. Nice shop...thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  9. Thank for's kinda like getting to shop myself!!!

  10. WOWZER! So many sale fabrics that I would buy!

  11. Love the amount of repros at Bella's place. They did an excellent lecture at guild on antique quilts. You should make a road trip to the Ohio One Stop Shop Hope July 19th at The Hope Hotel in Fairborn, Ohio. Then there's the Fabric Shack in Waynesville if you and your friends want to spend the night.......

  12. This shop is looking nice can you share the address of this shop so that we could visit.


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