Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gluing and Sewing Hexagons

Summer is flying by quickly, and I've been keeping busy.  I've been spending most evenings gluing and sewing hexagons.  Here is my first one sewn together for my version of the Road 66 quilt from Di Ford's book, Primarily Quilts.  These are 1 1/8" hexagons.


Here is the photo of the quilt from the book.  I love all of the fussy cutting used in the blocks and the diamonds that form the path through the hexagon flowers.  I just love this quilt.

Here are a few of the 1/2" hexagons that I've made for a different project.  These go together quickly, and I can see an entire quilt done with these small blocks.  These little ones are really addictive.

In this post, I talked about glue basting hexagons versus thread basting.  Since then, I have tried all of these different glue sticks, and they all work.

These Elmer's Disappearing Purple Glue sticks are my favorite for the larger hexagons.  I found 12 of these sticks at Meijer for $4.98 last week.  You should have seen my family roll their eyes when I came home with 12 glue sticks.  I just told them that it might be a long winter, and I wouldn't want to run out of glue.

If you put the line of glue away from the very top edge, you won't be sewing through the glue when you join the hexagons, but the fabric will still hold.  The glue goes on purple, but dries clear.  For the 1/2" hexagons, it is a lot easier to use the Sewline glue pen though.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today or maybe you've caught the English Paper Piecing bug and are gluing hexagons.

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  1. Those are gorgeous fussy-cut hexies, LuAnn. I'll be cheering you on as you make that amazing quilt!

  2. oh yes I got the EPP bug about 5 years ago! in fact I have been making hexagon stars today. I use the Sewline pen as the triangles which are the smallest component of my stars are 1 1/8" one each side. We don't have Elmer glue here in England, but I shall be trying UHU glue next.
    Looking forward to seeing your project growing!

  3. Really gorgeous hexie--and I love that quilt, too--I will try that glue--I have been using freezer paper and then peeling it off--your way sounds faster...hugs, Julierose

  4. Am looking forward to following your progress with this Di Ford hexagon quilt - it is lovely! Thanks for the info about different glue sticks - I have wondered if normal glue sticks would work - good news.

  5. I have been following this discussion on the use of glue sticks, but I have heard no one comment on how difficult it is then to remove the papers. Can the papers be used over or with the glue, can you only use them once?

  6. If I hear of a glue stick shortage, I know where I'm coming! Your hexies are beautiful. I was going to ask the same question as Teresa. How difficult is it to take the papers out when they've been glued. And on the quilt with the little wee diamonds, I assume the diamonds are paper pieced too? Love that look.

  7. Not quite sure how that works. They are so little. Glad you're having fun!

  8. Wonderful hexies! Thank you for the run down on all the glues too. Have been using the Sewline glue pen & noticed the 1 3/4" diamonds for Drayton Hall really go through the refills compared to the 1/2" hexies. Love that you are stocking up for the winter!!! Di's gorgeous book has no doubt increased glue sales tremendously!!

    Looking forward to your progress on Route 66! Have a fun journey!

  9. I know you're not crazy, but those hexies are awfully small. But they are beautiful!!

  10. Wow LuAnn that hexie flower is beautiful and you did a great job with the fussy cutting.
    Love the little ones too.......
    My grandma wondered what I laughed at when I read about the glue.......
    Does the Elmers one work well ? as we have that brand in our local supermarket.
    I think you got a good bargain too.

  11. Brilliant!
    love this hexie project!

  12. I love hexagons, too! Your fussy cut hexies are awesome! I prefer thread basting. I had to laugh when I read about the glue sticks. I just got rid of a huge pack of glue sticks that my DH brought home from Costco a few years ago. At the time my youngest was in middle school and a glue stick was on his list of needed school supplies. I have to admit I gave my DH a hard time about buying such a big pack! LOL

  13. Brilliant use of glue sticks! I buy them by the dozen, but I have started storing the bulk in the freezer...someone told me that will extend their life. There is nothing more depressing then popping open a fresh stick and the purple has faded and glue dried out a little. I mentioned and linked your post on my recent post because I was talking about glue, too! Hope it's OK!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  14. I like hexies too but I just do them with a running stitch and do not EPP, I use Inklingo and print them directly on to fabric and by pass the basting or gluing.
    Love your fussy cut hexies

  15. I LOve the fussey cuts Makes me Smile... and think...
    I am somewhat confussed by the glue on the paper... how do you take the paper out?
    Can you use the papers again?

  16. Hello, LuAnn, Your hexie flower is beautifully done and the little ones would be very addictive. It motivates me to get down my box of hexies from the shelf and add to them.

  17. I'm with Teresa, how difficult is it to remove the papers? Would love to skip the basting and do the fun part of sewing the hexies together. Thanks for sharing!

  18. YES, Summer has gone by so fast and now it's time for back to school. Love your hexies! Some day I may find my car traveling towards Backdoor Quilts. ;-) AKA RUNAWAY FROM HOME! No time for stitching or traveling right now. Sorta makes a girl grumpy.

  19. I popped over here from the Fabric Therapy blog. I started out with the 3M glue stick, but those are no longer made. I have been using the Elmer's purple disappearing for years. I tried UHU but it was far too sticky, so I recommend only purchasing *one* of each glue stick until you are sure you like the consistency. As for sewing hexies, I find hand piecing about three times faster than EPP, but each technique has its purpose.


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