Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn is Here

Autumn has arrived in Indiana, and we are expecting frost sometime next week. I have my front porch decorated but still don't have my Halloween decorations out yet. Stay tuned for that.  

I'm practicing posting from my IPad blogger app.  Do any of you have an app that you like better? 

                                                  Thanks for stopping by! 

I hope you are having a great weekend and finding some time to do some stitching.


  1. What iPad do you have? I have an iPad 2 and I didn't even know there was a blog app! LOL:) I also am trying to figure out how to take pics and post. Any help?

  2. Love your display! It is so hot here at present our pumpkins would rot! I use Blogpress, it is okay.

  3. I also use blogpress and have been happy with it.

  4. I use the free blog docs app by Google. It is ok in a pinch if I am on the road and want to do a quick post. Hard to center photos. There is a free move option for photos, but if more than one photo...they jumble up.

  5. I have an iPad but don't have a clue how to post from it. Your porch is lovely.

  6. Your porch looks very inviting!

  7. I need to put out my fall decorating!

    I made my very first iPad post last week ... I used a photo from my Camera Roll and it was way too big ... stretched out into my sidebar!! I had to edit it after publishing so the photo would "fit". I couldn't see how to resize the photo on the iPad ... I guess I need to go do some Googling. ;-)

    I'd like to do some stitching this weekend but between my grands participating in a weekend-long swim meet and some kind of nerve issue with the index finger on my right (dominant) hand, I'm taking a break ... and it's about to kill me. :-(

  8. Using Blogsey - it works pretty good but wish there were a few more options with the fonts and framing photos.
    Have to check out the other apps.

    Have a lovely fall week...

  9. I use my laptop, so can't really offer help.
    Your entry looks so inviting.
    I love that red for your front door


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