Friday, May 8, 2015

Ohio Collection Update

Here are this week's blocks for my Ohio Collection quilt. This block is Hollyhock Wreath.  All of my applique' is needleturn, so it takes awhile to do my blocks.  I do enjoy doing my quilts that way, and I feel that I have more control over where my stitches go.

This is Sunburst.  I used a block called Spinning Sun from Electric Quilt and removed a few lines to do this block. I used my Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics to do this block, and have actually cut into a few of them to do blocks for this quilt.  

This is my Variable Star remake.  I wasn't happy with the other version because there wasn't enough contrast in the center.

This was my first version.

My blocks are based on patterns from the Ohio Collection book with substitutions from the Album Quilts of Ohio's Miami Valley book.  Karen has drawn several blocks from that book and generously shared them with the rest of us.  You can purchase the Ohio Collection book from Anita Shackleford's website.  The Sue Cummings book can be purchased from Amazon.  

You can see the rest of the blocks for my quilt here.

You can also see Karen, Lori, Nancy and Cathy's blocks as they work on their version of the Ohio Collection quilt.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.

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  1. I have never purchased any Cherrywood fabrics but love their look. The colors and look of them are always so tempting. You did very well piecing your sunburst block. You are moving right along on making your blocks.

  2. Great blocks LuAnn, I am not familiar with Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics but they sure made a beautiful Sunburst block.

  3. Wonderful blocks.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  4. Great work, LuAnn--especially love the Sunburst in the Cherrywoods!

  5. Your needle turn, dare I say, is flawless! I wish I were able to do work such as this! I love seeing yours!

  6. I always find it amazing how a simple change in value can change the look of a block. I do like both versions of your star.

  7. Your blocks R really coming together. I really like the hollyhock wreath

  8. All of these blocks are beautiful! You are making wonderful progress on this quilt!

  9. I agree, my Mimis bloomers quilt is very slow, but like you, I like to have control over where my stitches go. I prefer the look of needle turn, over machine applique.
    I am enjoying seeing your progress.


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