Friday, July 23, 2010

I Need An Opinion

I got an email the other day from my cousin that lives in North Carolina. The theme of the message was not to save your good china or a pretty silk scarf or any other "thing" for a special day. Every day that you are alive should be a special occasion. Many years ago I pulled out my best dishes and beautiful etched glassware and started using them. Yes, the china is getting chipped, and some of the glasses have broken. I have a teapot that belonged to my Mom that plays Tea for Two as you lift it. I began using it last winter, too. But, then as I looked through my fabric stash, I noticed that I have pieces of fabric that I love and they just sit on my shelf. And, I wondered why I'm saving them. So, I pulled a piece of beautiful fall fabric from my shelf, walked to the cutting table, picked up my rotary cutter and took a deep breath. I cut into the fabric that I'd been saving on the shelf for who knows how long, and I made these table runners:
I love the fall fabric, and even though I've made these two table runners I still have enough to back both runners, bind them, and have some left over. So my question is: Which background do you like best?
The brown.....
Or the black.... I plan to baste one of them this weekend and do a bit of machine quilting on it and get the binding sewn on. The pattern is from the book Let's Do Lunch by Atkinson Designs.
Do you have a favorite fabric that you've had for years and never cut? I'd love to see your favorite fabric or see what you made from it. I'd also like to hear your opinion on my table runner backgrounds. Hope you are finding some time in this hot weather to stitch.


  1. I think I like the black, out of these two choices. Another good choice would be dark green. The brown seems too busy and I think would clash with your binding.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. I like the darker border. Good for you cutting that fabric!

  3. I like the black one. Very nice.
    I have lots of favorite fabric too. I hate to cut it but I know I should use it.

  4. I like the black better, but think a green or a darker version of the gold in the two center blocks would work too. Just what you need -- more options, right?

  5. You must have finished your table runners by now, but boy did I like the black background. That would have been my choice! :)


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