Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Mail from Germany

It has been a great week for mail here.  I entered a giveaway/contest over at Roswitha's blog and won.  She posted a photo with spools of thread that were strung into large rings somehow, and there were several of these rings.  Then all of the rings were hung over the back of a chair.  The one who guessed closest to the number of spools in the photo had their choice of chains that Roswitha makes, and I chose gingerbread men.  I just love this chain that she made for me.  When I decorate for Christmas these will go up on my mantel with a string of lights and some greenery.  In the meantime, I plan to enjoy them year round in my sewing room.

Just look at this little guy.  Each heart and gingerbread man has ribbon that says God Jul (Merry Christmas).   They were neatly packaged in a bag with polar bears on it that Roswitha also made.

And as a bonus, Roswitha made me the purple bag with the rose decoration on front.  There are two pockets in the lining to hold small items.  I think I'll use the bag to hold a stitchery project, and my thread and floss will go in the pockets.  And, she sent me a German magazine.  What fun!  I don't read German, but I just love looking through the magazine just the same.  The card she sent has a drawing of a village near where she lives.

Thank you Roswitha for the fun package and for all of the work you have put into these things.  I will treasure them.  I hope you will go visit Roswitha's blog, Blauraute.  She is a very dear lady. 

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you have a good mail day and find some time for stitching, too.


  1. What awesome goodies...lucky you!! Enjoy!

  2. Lucky you, they are very cute.

  3. Aren't you the lucky one! Love Leeann's blog!

  4. Oh my -- you lucky lady! All those special gifts must have been a treat to pull out of the box.
    Congrat's to you, LuAnn.

  5. LuAnn--This looks as fun as the package I just got in the mail! : )

  6. What a lovely package of goodies.
    Love the Gingerbreadmen and hearts.

  7. Congratulations!
    LuAnn! All those special gifts are so pretty. Thanks for visiting, I hope you have good day...

    "Enjoy your day and your sewing"

  8. How fun for you. Enjoy your new treasures.

  9. Lucky you!! Roswitha makes such lovely things - I can see why you are so happy with her gifts.

  10. Hi LuAnn... Wow!! What a wonderful win... You got such lovely things... Congraulations... Hugs

  11. You are doubly blessed with gifts this week. Enjoy!

  12. LuAnn,
    What an awesome is such fun to share our gifts and talents with each other isn't it?!
    Love the blog world...

  13. Dear LuAnn,
    thank your so much for this post. I'm very glad for all your kind words and that you enjoy all the things I made for you.
    Today it's raining and I'm the whole day in my sewing room finishing some projects. I hope I can take a photo of the red and white top. It's now finish to quilt. The part in the middle I'll make by machine and the red border by handquilting.
    Have a nice and cute week and do many stitches in your sewing room.
    Take care

  14. Adorable! You have been so lucky :)


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