Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strips and Triangles Scrap Quilt

I've been working on a couple of applique' projects but then I got in the mood to sit at the machine and piece.  I was searching for a fabric for applique' when I found this quilt cut out and stuffed in a drawer.

These are my UFO drawers.  When I get this top together, it will free up one of the drawers (the third one on the right).

It took awhile to straighten out all of the strips and triangles, press them and sew them into pairs.  Now that I've taken the time to organize and press all of the pieces, I plan to keep going until I have the top put together.

Many of my scrap quilts are planned scrappy.  I choose fabrics that I like together.  But, this one is all types and colors of scraps. 

This is the original quilt made by Edyta Sitar. 

The pattern for the quilt is in Edyta Sitar's book Friendship Strips & Scraps available at

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I hope you are finding some time to do some stitching.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crocheted Blanket

 I turned my computer on today for the first time in a couple of days.  I've been busy doing errands, working in the yard, defrosting the garage freezer.....those things that aren't a lot of fun but need to be done. 

In the evenings I've been crocheting on this child sized blanket.  I love working with variegated yarn and find crochet relaxing.  The pattern is just one big granny square only this time I didn't put a chain in between the clusters and only added one chain on the corners.  It makes the holes smaller and the blanket still comes out square.   

I put a solid color border around the edge and then finished it off with the Ole Ole border found on Sucrette's blog

I've been sorting through my stash and collecting fabrics to start a new quilt soon so stay tuned.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Funky Monkey Baby Quilt

This is the quilt that I made for my grandson, Daniel. His bedroom is painted blue and decorated with monkeys. So I bought Modas funky monkey fabric and made a trip around the world quilt. 

There was probably a faster way to do this quilt, but I wanted to fussy cut the monkeys.  So I cut all 273 squares individually and arranged them on a design wall and then sewed them together. 

I put in a few bananas.

I used a flannel backing on the quilt and machine quilted it on my Bernina. This stitch is one used by a friend who machine quilts on her Bernina, too.

I like to machine quilt, but I'm not good at sewing a straight line so this is how I set my Bernina to do this stitch.  

Here's Daniel with his new quilt. 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Holly and Mistletoe on my Design Wall

I've started working on the applique' center panel of the Holly and Mistletoe quilt from the book When the Cold Wind Blows.  I've just gotten started; there are a lot of leaves and berries left before the center is finished.

I have all of the blocks finished and will be ready to put the top together after the applique' is finished.

I love working with Christmas fabrics.

Here is grandson, Daniel, taken this past Saturday.  He will be 2 months old in another week.

Thanks to Judy L. for hosting Design Wall Monday over at

I hope you are finding some time for stitching today.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Ribbon Blanket Tutorial

I made this Ribbon Blanket for my Grandson Daniel.   I guess these were popular awhile back, but I just learned about them at our Dear Jane retreat last month.  One of the girls at our table was making these for shower gifts and she showed me how. 

Here is a tutorial:

Gather pieces of ribbon 5 inches long.  They should be all different widths, colors, and textures.

Pin the ribbons along the outside edge of an 18 inch piece of minkee, flannel, or fleece - whatever cloth is soft enough for a baby.  Space the ribbons as close or as far apart as you want.   (NOTE:  After I took this photo I realized that it was better to put the pins in the ribbons the other way so you can sew over them or they can easily be pulled out when you are ready to sew over the ribbons!)

Set your machine on a large length stitch and sew over the ribbons to hold them in place. 

I actually sewed over the ribbons twice to make sure they were secure.

Sew the ribbons all the way around the outside.

Place another piece of soft cloth on top right sides together and sew leaving enough space along one edge to turn the blanket.

I topstitched around the edge to finish.  This is big enough for a baby car seat or for a small child to play with. 

  I hope you are finding some time to stitch today. 
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

People in Paducah

Here are some of the things other than quilts that I saw while in Paducah.

John Flynn was demonstrating his quilting system.

Ricky Tims was in his booth visiting with fans.

Eleanor Burns dressed as Dolly Madison was doing her show.

 Lori Smith is in the jeans facing her booth.  She turned around just as I was taking the photo.

I almost missed Froncie Quinn of Hoopla Patterns.  I forgot to take her photo, but she did autograph this book for me.

There were lots of places to get something to eat.

Yes, this is mine.  I did my part when I bought this because the proceeds went to the Boy Scouts.

Picnic area to have lunch or just to rest.

You have to be old enough to remember The Bob Newhart Show to get a chuckle out of this food stand.

I think a lot of the people sitting along the curbs are waiting for their busses.

I love going down to the Ohio River to watch the barges.

This is the flood wall along the Ohio River.  The artwork on it is amazing.

Here is a close up of one of the panels.  The guy on the right is painted on there.

 Artwork as far as the eye could see.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

More Interesting Quilts from Paducah

Here are several other interesting quilts from the Paducah show. 

A Jack Nicholson fan.......
Love how the stones look on this one.
Just love this Wizard of Oz quilt.

Look at this border treatment.

Nice shading on this one.

Beautiful shading on the flowers.


A new arrangement for the one block wonder/stack and whack blocks.

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