Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Ribbon Blanket Tutorial

I made this Ribbon Blanket for my Grandson Daniel.   I guess these were popular awhile back, but I just learned about them at our Dear Jane retreat last month.  One of the girls at our table was making these for shower gifts and she showed me how. 

Here is a tutorial:

Gather pieces of ribbon 5 inches long.  They should be all different widths, colors, and textures.

Pin the ribbons along the outside edge of an 18 inch piece of minkee, flannel, or fleece - whatever cloth is soft enough for a baby.  Space the ribbons as close or as far apart as you want.   (NOTE:  After I took this photo I realized that it was better to put the pins in the ribbons the other way so you can sew over them or they can easily be pulled out when you are ready to sew over the ribbons!)

Set your machine on a large length stitch and sew over the ribbons to hold them in place. 

I actually sewed over the ribbons twice to make sure they were secure.

Sew the ribbons all the way around the outside.

Place another piece of soft cloth on top right sides together and sew leaving enough space along one edge to turn the blanket.

I topstitched around the edge to finish.  This is big enough for a baby car seat or for a small child to play with. 

  I hope you are finding some time to stitch today. 
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  1. Very cute. I will have to make one of these for my new Grandbaby arriving in July.

  2. Really cute yet simple...bookmarked it to make later. Nthanks!

  3. It doesn't matter it is an "old" idea, as long as it is good, it will last! And it is good!

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks!

  5. I've never seen a blanket like this before. How fun for the baby to play with all the texture and color of the ribbons on the edge. Very clever.

  6. Just found you today, enjoyed it and pinned some things, thank you, will be back


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