Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Decorating

I'm a bit late decorating for Halloween this year, but I have my orange lights out front on the bushes, and I found a tomato cage at Lowes so that I could make my tomato cage ghost again this year.

I think he looks a bit lonely standing there by himself so I might make him a friend or two next year.

Here is what it takes to make the ghost:

A tomato cage.  (If you have one left from your garden, that is a great way to recycle it.)
Some duct tape to secure the prongs of the tomato cage at the top.
Tent stakes or something to anchor the ghost into the ground.
String of 100 Christmas lights.
An old sheet or piece of inexpensive white fabric.
Permanent marker to draw the face on the ghost.

There are more detailed photos of  how I did this in last year's post titled Tomato Cage Ghost.  I didn't take as many photos this time.  

I hope that you you are all ready for Halloween.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hexagons for Rotherfield Grey

I've been working on more hexagons.  These are 5/8" and are for the fifth border of the Rotherfield Grey quilt.

These hexagons are supposed to be random, and once I started making them I couldn't seem to stop.  

It was a lot of fun dipping into my scrap bag to use tiny pieces I have saved.

I'm working on border 3 right now and hope to have it finished soon.  You can see the leaves that have fallen on my deck.  I heard that we might see a few snow flurries tonight........It's too early, and I'm not going to look.

Thanks to everyone that wrote me about posting from my IPad.  I think I have figured out how to size the photos now so will give it another try soon.

I hope you are doing some stitching today.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn is Here

Autumn has arrived in Indiana, and we are expecting frost sometime next week. I have my front porch decorated but still don't have my Halloween decorations out yet. Stay tuned for that.  

I'm practicing posting from my IPad blogger app.  Do any of you have an app that you like better? 

                                                  Thanks for stopping by! 

I hope you are having a great weekend and finding some time to do some stitching.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hexagon Thread Catcher and Needlebook

I've been doing a lot of hand sewing lately.  When I attended Sue Daley's trunk show and lecture a couple of weeks ago, she showed her Threads and Things pattern for this thread catcher.  I've been working on mine and just finished it.  These are 1/2" hexagons and are English Paper Pieced.

The pattern can be purchased on Sue's web site here.

I've had a couple ask about this pattern, but if you are set as a no-reply blogger, I can't answer your email.

The inside will hold a half gallon milk jug trimmed down to make threads and clippings easier to empty.  

The outside pockets will hold a small ruler, glue stick, small spool of thread, package of needles, etc.

The pin cushion is attached with a couple of Velcro dots and is made by just sewing 14 random hexagons together into two flowers, sewing them right sides together leaving enough opening to turn and then stuffing with some sort of loose stuffing.  

The night of the Sue Daley lecture, Back Door Quilts gave everyone there a kit to make a needle book.  This is made using 3/4" hexagons and is English Paper Pieced.

The needle book is made using 11 random hexagons and two that are fussy cut for the centers.

A piece of felt is fused onto the back of the hexagons using your favorite fusible, and a square of felt is hand stitched into the center to hold pins and needles.  

I hope that you have had a nice weekend and that you took a little time out to do some stitching.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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