Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fall in Indiana and Beyond

It's still fall here, but it's starting to feel more and more like winter isn't too far away.  I love fall colors and use them in a lot of my quilts whether it's fall or any other time of the year.  I'll take you on a little tour of some of my fall decorations and on our fall trip to the mountains.  

This sits at the end of my island in the kitchen.  I made the table runner ages ago and right now I'm unsure of where the pattern came from.  The centerpiece is a basket that I had with some faux pumpkin decorations from Hobby Lobby.  The brown ceramic leaves were made by our cousin Sandi from North Carolina.  

This is the view out my back windows.  The tree is actually in our neighbor's yard, but I enjoy it just as much as they do.   

I like to decorate the mantel for the seasons.   These are mostly faux pumpkins along with some real gourds.   I need to make sure I remember to sort out the real ones before I pack the decorations for the year.  

Here's a better look at the quilt draped over the back of the chair.  This is my version of Fall Foliage Spectacular by Judy Martin.  (It's from her book Cookies and Quilts.)   That border is a Fossil Fern fabric.  You remember those?  Some like this one were just great to pull out the colors in a quilt.  

The pillows and little quilt are all made from my patterns.  Another way that I like to display smaller quilts and pillows is in baskets.  Sometimes I drape them over the edge as shown in the photo, or I will roll them up and display several in a basket.  (The pumpkin spice sign had to move from in front of the fireplace because it's been cold enough to turn the fire on the past few evenings.)

The pumpkin quilt below is the Mini Pumpkins by Cluck, Cluck Sew.  The Welcome sign and the Pumpkin Spice Me signs are from 
Joyfully Said Signs in Middlebury, Indiana.   I love their shop and try to visit every time I'm in the area.  

I'm still trying to keep up with making holiday cards for the grandsons.

This is another fall quilt.    It's a watercolor quilt made from (I think) the book Impressionist Pallet by Gai Perri.

This sunflower quilt is a two color applique'.  These are fun and easy because once you have the pattern basted, there is no thread choice.  You choose one color and off you go.  This pattern and others like this are available from Pacific Rim Quilt Company.  
Sorry for the photo overload, but here are a few photos from our fall trip to the Smoky Mountains.  
At the time that we went, the weather was still too warm to see the fall colors.  I still think it's one of the most beautiful places.

I think the photo below is a photo of a beautiful stream from a car window doing about 65 or so......

We were going a bit slower for this photo.  Photos don't really do some of these things justice.

We drove through Cades Cove.  It's a valley in the mountains where settlers lived before the land became a National Park.  

Whenever you are in the park and see one or more rangers parked the road, you need to slow down and start looking around because they are there to keep an eye on the wildlife so that neither one interferes with the other.  Somehow this little cub had wandered away from his family.  I was in the car with the window down just enough to get a half way decent photo.  We also saw an elk, but when you looked at my photos you couldn't tell the elk from a bunch of sticks and twigs so there's no photo of him.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today!


  1. lovely photos from the park! I too love Fossil Fern fabric and can rarely find it! it is such a nice fabric and it is still made and still popular - I just have to find a place to order it from

  2. You have such nice fall quilts and decor.
    I love the nature shots--lucky to get a photo of the bear cub.

  3. Catching up with you and everything about Fall - you are definitely in tune with the season! Like you, we are experiencing more winter temps and even the white stuff...seems early again. Never have been to Cades Cove but I came across a connection to our family name there so it is on my wish list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  4. What a nice tour, through your quilts and other projects, the view from your home, and the state park. A little mini virtual vacation! I love that you embrace many genres in your work. I love the impressionist tree!


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