Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Welcome Back

 Hello Everyone   If you are a returning visitor, I'm glad you're here.  And, welcome to new readers that have found me.  I guess I haven't  posted since blogger switched to this new format, and it was a stretch for me to get the photos into my blog.   Hopefully they will publish at the right size.   

This is one of the quilts that I made last year.  This is a pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew, and it was a fun, easy stitch.   The Welcome sign came from Joyfully Said in Middlebury, Indiana.   I'm really missing my annual fall trip to that area of our state, and I know those of you that gather in Shipshewana for our Jane Stickle retreat are missing our time together, too.  

I have to confess that I haven't really done much quilting since last winter.   I've done a few things, but I have mostly been doing counted cross stitch.  I am a returning stitcher from back in the day when it was really popular.   The difference to me now is that there are patterns out there that don't take months to complete.   There are a lot of small charts out there to stitch, and there are also a lot of charts posted on line for free.  

The photo below is from my Drawer of Shame.   I stitch these things and put many hours into them, and then they immediately go into a drawer so I can move on to the next project.   Those of you that stitched years ago know that we would stitch on one project and then take it to a framer to be framed.  If we stitched something that was a standard size, we would go and buy a frame and mount the stitched piece on sticky board and frame it ourselves.   Today, there are all kinds of things that people are using to mount their cross stitch.  Then there is usually a bow and a decorative pick inserted somewhere on the piece.  Sometimes the bow has a covered button in the center or other little do-dad.   Soon I will start to finish these and post them when they are completed.   If I don't get a move on, that October piece will be useless until another year rolls around.   

I have a box of cross stitch things from years ago that I've saved.   These 3 pieces below were in that box.  Do you think it would make a cute wall hanging using all 3 pieces, or would you frame each one individually?   

The box of things I saved had about 10 bread covers in it to be stitched.  I have some old patterns from back then, too.   I hope to stitch several of them.  

I watched a video about dyeing cross stitch fabric in a pickle jar.   After I watched it through the first time, I waited for a week or so and watched it again.   I already had a couple bottles of dye and decided it was worth giving it a try.  This is really addictive, and you can probably tell by looking at the photo, I have accumulated more than the first two bottles of dye that I started with.

I have made some project bags.  My friend, Michele and I make 2 of the same bag and trade.   That way we both have a nice variety, and it's fun to see what fabric combinations the other comes up with.  

If you are cross stitching, let me know.   I've hesitated to post cross stitch here because even though this blog is called Loose Threads I have mostly posted about my quilting in the past.   I'll get back to it again some day, but right now I am having lots of fun dyeing fabric and cross stitching.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

I hope you are finding some time to stitch today.  


  1. Happy to see you back in Blogworld;)))--despite New Blogger's difficult platform...I can't size photos or do links right now either--so I am just going with it...(my thought: "If it ain't broke don't fix it!!")
    Anyway--I am doing old-fashioned printed cross stitcheries right now--a group of butterflies..along with quilting and diamond painting about which I post...
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. Good morning, happy to see you have joined in on the cross stitch revival as I call it. I , too, stitched years ago, but I have now started back again. It's very relaxing and its yet another positive community that I am enjoying. I would love to see your pieces stitched and finished.

  3. Nice to see a post again, and by all means post your cross stitching! You would not be the only one to have multiple hobbies on the same blog.

  4. Happy to hear from you! For those Xmas stitchery, why not do them as a group in a quilt instead of having them framed. I've seen other people do that and it is a nice change. It is amazing what we accumulate until we go sorting our stuff!!

  5. Wonderful to hear about all your different things you did some times ago. Your cross stitchings are so beautiful. I started also with dyeing fabrics and wool and I'm very happy with the results. Don't hesitate showing all the beautiful things you've made.
    Take care

  6. I love your pumpkin quilt. We used to go to Middlebury quite a lot. Hugs

  7. Welcome back to BlogLand! Your pumpkin wall hanging is adorable! Best of luck in your quest to finish all of those cross stich pieces.

  8. Hi Luann! It was great to find a blog post from you! I love your x stitches. I have jumped on the band wagon but it is the first go round for me. Never did it before but I have to say it is a little addicting. I love your project bags. How big are they? What a good idea to make two and then trade with a buddy.

  9. I too used to love to cross stitch. Then I discovered quilting and 20 years passed without picking up a needle and floss. Then I started seeing so many beautiful patterns and I knew I needed to stitch again. And that is what I did almost exclusively last year. I cross stitch everyday and I love it so much. During the lockdown I did start to quilt again and I can now say I am happily doing both consistently. And while I have fully finished a few projects, I also have a drawer of projects just waiting to be finished and displayed.

  10. Definitely love to see the cross stitch posts. Keep ‘em coming!

  11. Cross stitch has had a huge resurgence. I used to do it many years ago and am tempted now. I have purchased some patterns and fancy floss but have too many quilt projects for the time being. The designs have changed over the years and also the types of floss. All for the good.

  12. Good to hear from you LuAnn, whether you are quilting or cross-stitching.
    That is a very cute pumpkin quilt!
    Wow--I used to cross-stitch decades ago, but I only had one UFO when I gave it up. You have enough there to cover a lot of Christmas gifting. :)
    If those three pieces are really small, I'd make ornaments from them. If not, then they would look great together in a wall hanging.
    You really did have fun dying the cloth. Is it Aida cloth or linen, or something else entirely? Since I haven't stitched in so long, I don't know what people use these days.
    Very cute bags--I just can't bring myself to do zippers again. I gave them up when I quit sewing clothing. :)

  13. Hi LuAnn! Miss your posts and so glad you have updated all about your Cross Stitching. You have some very pretty work finished. Guess it was time for a change with the lovely Chinese Virus. Hope your family is well.

    We had a horrible year (until today) I am really praying that 2021 goes better for us and all Americans. Hugs. Don’t be a stranger and post more - you are missed!

  14. Please do write about the cross stitch. You have inspired me to tackle my finished but unframed pieces too. When my children were involved with sports and music, I always had a cross stitch or knitting to work on while watching or waiting.

  15. I love both cross stitch and quilting. I could never choose just one. I am happy to have come across your blog and will happily follow along.

  16. LuAnn Beautiful quilts, love them hexy's. I am learning how to EPP. I crochet too. Following along with now.


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