Monday, June 21, 2021

Switching to a New Email Subscriber Service

 Good Monday morning

I wrote my first blog post here in August 2008.  At some point I added the box over on my sidebar that allowed you to subscribe to my posts by email.  In the past Blogspot has used Feedburner to allow you to get notices when I post here on my blog.   But for some reason, Feedburner is going away.

So I've signed up with a service called Follow It.  You will probably have to confirm your subscription again since I'm using a new service.

The email will be from

When you open the email, it will look like this.  Click the link in the green bar, and you will continue to receive updates from my blog.   

If you are a blogger and haven't switched over from Feedburner yet, email Follow It When you click that link and their page opens up, there is a box that pops up at the bottom that says "Send us a message."   They were very helpful and emailed back and forth with me until I (hopefully) have made the switch.  I believe Feedburner is going away on July 1, and if you don't switch to another service, you will lose your subscribers.  

Those of you that follow me, t
hank you.   I'll be back later today or tomorrow with a quilt/cross stitch post.

Hope you are finding some time to stitch today.

Thank you for visiting!

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