Monday, April 13, 2015

Design Wall Madness

This is what my design wall looks like this morning.  I have parts of about six projects in the photo below including some Ohio Collection blocks, a Smitten block, and some orphan blocks that I'm putting together.   I've worked some on all of these in the last week.

This center block is something that my daughter did about 15 or so years ago.  Neither of us can think of what this was called.  There was a book and a ruler, and the quilter appeared on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.  My daughter thought this was something she wanted to try, so we bought all of the supplies.  She made this block, pieced one of my Dear Jane blocks and did a couple of other blocks over the years.  That was her venture into quilting.  Now she is an avid knitter.  The points on this block are dimensional.  She did the block, but I did the applique center over again and appliqued the circle onto the green background.  There are several layers all stitched together that couldn't be cut away, so there was a lot of bulk.   Does anyone know the name of this block?  I know it looks like a dahlia block, but the technique had a name?   I think this would be a great center medallion for a quilt, don't you?  

Right now I feel like the inside of my brain probably looks just like my design wall.  It looks like I should focus, but this way there is a choice of what to work on whenever I go into the sewing room.

I hope you're finding some time to stitch today.

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  1. You certainly can't get bored, can you? Lots of variety to choose from.

  2. Your design wall looks great! So many pretties to choose from. I love variety in my sewing life and I rarely work on one quilt for too long before finding something else to change to. We have moved and unpacked the house in two weeks. I have most of my sewing stuff out of boxes but I am sure one or two more are hiding in the basement. It is lovely to be reunited with my sewing! Enjoy picking your project to work on.

  3. Love the thought of our minds looking like our design walls. For some people that could be pretty scary. :0))

  4. I think you mean the wedge ruler and Cheryl Phillips.

    I tried the technique once and did not like all those layers and the wedges that were loose on the one side.

  5. I have a similar design wall in my sewing room. : )
    I think it would make a wonderful center for a medallion quilt--whatever it is called.

  6. well look at all that fun sunshine on your design wall! Looks like mine with all the different projects going. It is fun to just tinker with a block here and there. I definitely think that dahlia looking block would make a great center medallion block. Such bright cheerfulness on your design wall this week, love it.

  7. Your design wall looks like mine - mishmash of works in progress. I agree that the larger block would be a great start for a medallion quilt!

  8. Well, it may be madness, but it's also a lot of fun!!

  9. i LOVE this kind of quilt - it's looking really great!


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