Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cherry Pit Quilt Shop

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my plea for help with my Picasa Blog This! button.  I found out there are many ways out there to edit and post photos.  But, I am partial to Picasa and can post so much faster that way.  Chookyblue sent me a link to one of her posts that shows a really neat way to email photos to your blog from Picasa.  I hope you'll go to her blog and read it if you use Picasa.  

The Blog This button is working again, so now I have two ways to post photos to my blog.

While we were on vacation in Tennessee, I stopped by The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop.  I've been there before, but they are always changing things in their shop.  So I thought I would share a few photos with you.

I love to walk into a quilt shop and see a bed with a quilt on it.  This iron bed makes a beautiful display.  There is a lot to look at just in this one small section of the shop.

There are so many bolts of fabric in this shop that it is hard to see everything.  I love this star quilt.  

There are lots of samples everywhere.

And, here's another bed.  I honestly don't remember seeing it, but it must have been there because it's in the photo.  I might have been focused on the fabric.........

And more fabric....

This is what you see when you first enter the shop.  The valance is made from cherry fabric.  They have a whole section of cherry fabrics.

The window display was really interesting, but my photo has a reflection of the buildings across the street.

The shop is painted a rosy pink color so it is hard to miss.  You can visit their website at: and link to their blog from their.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


  1. What a great looking shop. Makes me want to go on a road trip!

  2. This looks like a very fun place. I just visited 4 quilt shops over the Labor Day weekend--this makes me want to make it 5...or 6...or, well, you get the idea. : )

  3. This is a nice place to loose and the shop looks awesome.Thanks for the photos!!

  4. What a fun shop to visit. Must be a great vacation!
    Thank you for sharing the adventure with us - soooo
    what did you buy ;-)
    Love to see the beds all made up in quilts.

  5. I am sure, you were in Quilters Paradise or Quilters Heaven.
    I never was in such a wonderful Store.
    Wonderful Pictures.

    Greetings from Germany

  6. The Cherry Pit is always on our list when we are in East Tennessee..A fun shop!

  7. glad the link helped you out.........
    thanks for sharing pics from the shop it looks great.........

  8. I so love going into quilt shops. Always full of inspiration. I just need to leave my wallet at home. Oh the damage I could do in regards to fabric shopping.

    blessings, jill

  9. Luanna, The Cherry Pit is one of my FAVORITE quilt shops, ever!! Every time we go to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, I insist we stop at The Cherry Pit -- it's such fun!! Did you get one of their pins? Hugs!! :)

  10. Wow - that's a lot of eye candy in one place!

  11. I love to go to the Cherry Pit when I visit the mountains! I could shop all day and never see it all. I love all the quilts they display.

  12. I've been to the Cherry Pit twice. . .once on my honeymoon and just a couple of months ago for my niece's graduation.

    It's one of the reasons that I'm glad my sister & BIL moved to Tennessee!! LOL

    There had been a great little gourmet pet food place a couple of doors down. It was not officially open when I first was there and, sadly, the economy wasn't kind to the store since it was gone for this most recent trip.

    Love the pictures --- new displays since we were there.

  13. This looks like another fun shop to visit! Thanks for tour. Glad you solved your photo problem.


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