Monday, September 3, 2012

Need Some Blogger/Picasa Help

I haven't posted for awhile because I am having problems uploading pictures to my blog.  I download my photos into my computer, and then I close that window down.  (They go into something called Picture Library.)  Then I open up Picasa where I can edit, crop and add my watermark to the photos.  Picasa has a "Blog This!" button at the bottom, so all I have to do is select all of the photos I want to put on my blog, click the Blog This! button and then I just add my text and publish.  For the past few days that hasn't worked.   I can use the Insert Image on the toolbar here on blogger, but it takes my photos from my Picture library where the photos are just as they came out of my camera.  

I've updated to be sure I have the latest version of Picasa, checked my settings, cleared my cache, switched to a different browser, and done all of the troubleshooting they suggest.  I can drag photos from Picasa to my desktop and then insert them here, but they aren't what I'm seeing in Picasa.  And, once I drag them to the desktop they go to a different place in my photos.  

I posted the problem to Google along with others that are having the same problem posting their photos from Picasa, but Google isn't responding.  I'm using Chrome for my browser which is a Google product, and usually all of the Google things play nice together.  

I guess what I'm wondering is how do some of you post your photos to your blogs?  Any idea why I might be having this problem?  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I am saving all of my photos in my computer twice and it's taking a lot of memory........not sure how to get around it????       Thanks for reading.

Hope you are all stitching today.


  1. Your last sentence said it all. You ARE adding your photos twice. I had the same problem, thought it was my internet service's fault. I have not used Picasa in about 6 months. I love Reddit.Com It is picnik reincarnated.

    Hope that helps.
    blessings, jill
    ps. plus with all the problems I have had with blogger, I was a bit nervous trusting their picasa web albums.

  2. Sorry, that would be

    blessings, jill

  3. I just save them to "My Ictures" on my computer and then use the "browse" on the Blogger post; I am totally afraid of Picasa...too nerdy for "keep it simple" me!! Good luck--I think Blogger & Google are gettin' too big!! Julierose


    the link above may help you.........I email all my photos to the tells you how to do it in the old interface but you will get the gist.........

    I do think the pics could be saved twice......
    I do like picasa for very quick editing/cropping etc

  5. I used to just upload photos from My Pictures onto my blog - now it won't do this and I have to upload them to Picasa then my blog which is very annoying. I hope Googl switch back to how things were.

  6. I save my photos on my computer in iphoto. When I write a post I just choose to upload from iphoto. Has never given me a problem.

  7. I uploaded photos to and used their software to post to ebay. You might try that, 19.95 per year for more storage than I could ever possibly use.

  8. I use Picasa as well. I edit the photos in Picasa. Then I select the photos I wish to use on my blog. I go to the file menu, click "export to file" and can browse for the file I want them in. In My Pictures I have a file called "blog resized". When I click that file, I'm given the option of placing a watermark on the photos. Then I click "export" in the pop up window. Each time I export a new folder into "blog resized" it's assigned a current date.
    When I write my blog, I do it on the web and go to the "blog resized" and sub file (I date it like this: 2012-09-03) to select and upload my pictures.
    So far that has worked well for me.
    I hope it's not to confusing or a process that is too long.

  9. I should at that the second save (into the "blog resized" folder) is much smaller so that it's appropriate for insertion into the blog. If you use full sized photos, it *does* take up a lot of memory.

  10. I import my photos from my camera into Picasa and edit and crop them there. From there they go to My Pictures and I add them to my blog by clicking the Browse which brings up the My pictures files. click photo and then they go to my blog for selection. By doing this I have the same photo in 2 places i'm sure. I am looking to correct this soon and only have the 1 place to edit and store.

  11. I use the same method as Janet O and have no problems. I love your porch pictures in the mountains. Pretty quilts, too.

  12. I use two programs from Microsoft. One imports my photos from my camera to my picture library and the other one manages where they go.

    Your view is beautiful.


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